Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Men Get Older - Get Sexier - Sigh, Us Poor Women

One of those universal truths, as unfair as it seems, men more often than not get more attractive as they get older, and us women, well, not so much.  It is with that in mind that I couldn't help but chuckle when I heard some students laughing about a headline featured AARP's 21 Most Sexy Men. It seems, to them, men over 50 were old, ugly, often gross and certainly a pervert if they ever cared to give their 20 year old bodies a second glance.

Well GIRLS, think again, you might be surprised at the names on this list, for instance:
Jon Bon Jovi
Denzel Washington
George Clooney

Dylan Mcdermott

Richard Gere

All men over the age of 50, and each of them still going strong and not ready for the cane and rocker yet.  In fact, in the case of some of them such as Richard Gere and George Clooney, they are much more attractive at this age than they were in their 20s and 30s. And why is that?  Women have to be happy if they can just "age gracefully" and not look like something the cat dragged in and yet men, give them a wrinkle or two and some wisps of gray in their temples and all of the sudden the ooze sexy appeal (and often "money" as well).  

And for all of you 20 somethings who are saying "ewwww, no way, he is still too old for me," don't get up on your high (young) horse just yet.  Look who is in their LATE 40s and will be eligible for AARP's list within the next year or two....

Johnny Depp
Robert Downey Jr.

Patrick Dempsey

Brad Pitt

And a note for the guys.... remember, while you are oogling those young girls, women today are taking note.  Women are taking better care of themselves, working out, eating right, and they are truly rolling back the stereotypes of middle-age. Sophia Loren, Iman, Sharon Stone, Jilliana Moore, Christie Brinkley and.....
Raquel Welch

are all taking after the men these days, and we aren't getting older, we are getting better!  Let's hear it for those of us, men and women, with a few gray hairs and fine lines. The best thing we have, the maturity and experience to understand true beauty inside and out. I will take an "old man" with that over some studly 20-something jerk any day (not to say all 20 somethings are jerks, but you know what I am saying).  And besides, when it comes to the celebrity world, the man I still find "most sexy" at any age will always be.....

Most important post script: I believe this applies in real life too.  I have always thought my husband, the man I fell in love with at the age of 18, has been so good looking, but truth be told, he is better looking now than all those years ago..... I am blessed.

Age 19
age 49

Not too bad for a grandparents!


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